Wednesday Roundup: Maximizing Productivity

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Being Productive is a Key to Happiness

If you are like most entrepreneurs, business owners, or really human in general, you find that being productive improves your mood.  At the end of a highly productive day, you feel better about yourself.  You know that you got a lot accomplished, you worked toward your goal, the endorphins are firing hard, and when you finally get to bed you crash hard.

Wednesday Roundup Productive

Now obviously being productive isn’t the ONLY key to happiness (I personally believe that happiness is determined by your attitude).  But ensuring productive days is a great way to get started.  There are many ways to be productive; so let’s see what the experts have to say.


A Productive Day Starts Early

Start Your Day Early for productivityThere are two schools of thought on this: those that say you have to start early in order to be the most productive, and those that say some people work better late at night.  You may be a night owl, but the bulk of people function better in the morning.  Research has shown that our best work is done first thing in the morning, before the worries of the day clutter our minds.

That’s also what Rhiza Oyos found when researching some of the world’s top entrepreneurs.  We can all agree that the CEO’s of Starbucks and Twitter are some pretty successful and productive individuals.  And they both start their days before 6AM.  Take a look at the secret to having a productive day, and see where your schedule needs to be tweaked in order to maximize your efficiency.


Productivity in Un-Productive Locations

Working from Home for productivityIn today’s digital world, we can all work from just about anywhere.   And many people take advantage of that!  There’s no point in suffering through a long commute, when you can work from home.  But there are some major disadvantages to working from home.  Primarily, the distractions can kill your productivity.

Fortunately there are many people that work from home and have developed methods for success.  Erik Devaney took the time to track some of those people down, and gather the best tips he could find to boost your productivity when working from home.  There are some fantastic tidbits on there; but pay extra attention to the first tip on the list.


Your Brain Can’t Multitask

Quite Trying to MultiTask you're killing your productivityThat’s a bit misleading.  Your brain certainly can multitask; however it can’t multitask two complicated tasks at the same time.  If you’re trying to watch TV, while on a conference call, while reading this post, and perhaps even eating at the same time; it’s not going to work out well for you.  But if you’re trying to eat a granola bar and read (and comprehend, and more importantly SHARE IT!) this post; you probably won’t have any problems.

Sharon Hurley Hall put together a great post on why multitasking doesn’t work.  But she didn’t stop there!  She went on to tell us how we should organize our lives instead so that we have the most productive day possible.  Now here’s the thing, take a look at the tips she gives, and test them.  See how productive you are, and then tweak them to make yourself even more productive.


Increase your Productivity Ten Fold

You have the power to increase your productivity exponentially.  It’s not about working harder; it’s about organizing your life so that things just fall into place.  When it comes time to work, you power through that work.

Personally I have found that lists help.  I make lists of what I need to do, I block off my calendar into one hour chunks, and I work on a single task until it is finished.  Physically crossing it off the list triggers in my brain that it’s done and I can forget about it.

What is your productivity tip?  How do you make the most of your day?

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