Wednesday Roundup: You Need a Content Writer

Content Writers, or Copy Writers, Make the Words Pop

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Here at Sery Content Development, we work closely with both web designers and business owners in Billings.  Over the years we have noticed that the same thing happens over, and over, and over.  It goes like this:

The business owner needs a new website.  He or she contacts the web designer who agrees to build the site.  The designer, however, doesn’t like to write so they leave it up to the business owner to get content together.  The business owner says, “No worries, I’ll write it.”  They never do, or they write something that doesn’t quite have the effect they’re looking for (they’re good at running their business, not spending the time needed to write effectively).  If they don’t write it, their design is put on hold until they do; if they do write it, they’re left with a site that they don’t really like, and they blame the designer (even though it’s not the design usually, it’s the wording).

Content Writer in Billings

You need a content writer!  We have been trained to write content that is highly effective, catches the eye, and, perhaps most importantly, is easy and pleasant to read.  Plus, when we do our job the right way, we incorporate SEO and a variety of keywords that will organically move you up the ranks in Google.

Providing written content isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds though, there are a bunch of reasons you need a content writer.


Why You Want a Content Writer

Writers are an interesting breed.  We would rather sit alone, behind our computers, in utter silence, than meet with clients or go out and socialize.  That is the type of writer that you want.  When looking for a writer, you don’t want the loud person, or the life of the party.  You want the quieter, more introverted person. This person is always thinking, and he or she is always pondering new ways to create words that are appealing and that will get read.

So how does that work?  Kelly Lucia has a great piece on it.  In it she outlines 6 reasons why you would want to have a content writer, and the importance of not trying to wing it.  The first is pretty obvious, but more and more often I see that people suck with their grammar.  Some of the other reasons, you don’t really realize it until you compare your copy to that of a content writer.


Sery Content Development Writes Copy

You know the importance… now get in touch!  We offer ongoing services so that the content on your page stays fresh and you move up through the Google ranks.  We also offer one-time services where you get the content written for the static pages on your site, and everything now looks, and reads, nicely.

Call Scott at 406-860-4407, or send an email.

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