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eCommerce Still has Huge Potential

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We are making some changes here at Sery Content Development to a more written content focused strategy (social media management and marketing is still a part, but less of a focus).  The result has been that the roundup blog posts have been neglected and minimized.  But we are still going to do them!

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Optimizing Your eCommerce Website

Optimize your ecommerce siteNot long ago, Catalin Zorzini sent me an email.  He asked if I would take a look at a recent blog post over on Ecommerce Platforms.

In the last 24 hours, most of us have shopped for something online.  We have looked it up on Google shopping, or searched on Amazon, or we have simply plugged into the search what we are looking for and the words “for sale”.  The results have been adequate, but likely not exactly what you’re looking for (and often you don’t even know what you’re looking for!).

Statistics show that most purchases, not even just purchases online, start with a search.  People want information first, and then they will make their buying decision.  But you have to get your information in front of them.  In other words, you have to optimize the site so that you show up in searches.

The problem that author Danny Richman uncovers is that most eCommerce platforms don’t have the SEO functionality built into them.  So while you may have a great product, and you have described it wonderfully, the underlying structure isn’t set up in a way that will help Google and other search engines find your product.

That’s why he created this great piece.  If you’re getting started, or thinking about making an eCommerce website, then you need to read about the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.  It will help you avoid some costly mistakes.

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