Wednesday Roundup: Your Reviews Are Impacting Your Business

The Real Impact of Online Reviews

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We know that having plenty of reviews online is important.  If nothing else, the reviews will help the company move up the SERPs, and ideally bring in even more clients.  The effect of how you rank is clear: have lots of reviews (with an overall positive trend) and do better with Google.  But aside from SEO, your reviews have a big impact with your clients.

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Online reviews are still relatively young.  But in the past decade, if you’re not paying attention, what you don’t know can hurt you.  The psychological effect of positive (and negative) reviews is a huge point in your business that you don’t want to miss.


The Importance of Online Reviews

Online Reviews help with your SEOThere are companies out there that look at the statistics behind reviews.  They analyze how people react to the reviews, how many people look at them, and how you should tailor your business so that you get the most reviews possible.  Furthermore, there are some that look at how your reviews are helping, or hurting, your business.

For example, take a look at Jason Falls’ article.  In it he talks about his interview with a local marketing guru.  During their talk they discuss reviews and the impact they have on small businesses. The conclusion: a single negative review can end up costing you 30 clients over the course of a year.  That’s 30 missed opportunities to make a great impact, all because of one negative review!  Check out the link to see more about that impact a negative review can have, and keep reading to learn what you can do about reviews that are no good.


88% of Consumers Trust You

Content Marketing Services in BillingsSurveys say that the better your reviews are, the more likely people are to trust you and your business.  Think about that in an offline sense for a minute.  Suppose you need a plumber, so you ask around.  You ask 10 friends which plumber you should use, and 9 out of 10 say Bob’s Plumbing and Heating.  Online reviews are the same; they are recommendations that you should use a particular business.

And they are gaining popularity.  As Google is able to start sorting the spam from the real, the online reviews are getting a lot better.  So much so that 88% of consumers trust the online review just as much as they would a personal recommendation.  If you want to be seen as a trusted source, you need to do what you can to encourage positive reviews.  Take a look at the infographic (below) that Khalid Saleh has put together for us.  Everyone loves an infographic.


What about the Bad Reviews?

Get found online, Billings SEOSo we know that good reviews are better.  And people trust those reviews so they can make an informed decision.  And we know that a bad review can cost us thousands of dollars over the course of the next few years.  But Facebook, Google, Yelp, and the like make it pretty difficult to have negative reviews taken down.  Their feeling: if you cared you would have tried harder at the point of sale.

Of course there are times when negative reviews aren’t truthful.  For instance, we manage the social media page for iDoctor, and a disgruntled former employee got his friends together to spam the page with 1 star reviews.  You can take some action, and Aaron Price from LiveCube has the answer in their post that lays out 6 ways to have negative reviews removed.  Remember, this isn’t just negative reviews; it’s negative AND fictitious reviews.  If you dropped the ball your only recourse is to flood the negative out with subsequent positive reviews.


Sery Content Development Loves Reviews

Once again you have wasted a perfectly good 22 minutes reading this week’s Wednesday Roundup.

Did you read this and thought, “Wow, these guys rock!”?  Have you read any of our past work and gotten even one tiny iota of good information that has helped to grow your business?  Then we have done our job!  And we would love for others to know that you benefited.

We are on Yelp, we are on Facebook, and we are on Google.  Reviews (positive ones) are fantastic (and free) ways for you to show which companies have benefited you.  Share the love?

The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews


Infographic by- Invesp

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