Wednesday Roundup: The SEO Value of Visual Content

Step up Your SEO with Visual Content

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Search engine optimization, which we all know is shortened to SEO, is usually thought of as a word game.  Google, and whoever the other search engines are, scan the site to see what words you have used, and rank you based on a huge variety of factors.  So why are we talking about images, videos, gifs, and audio when your SEO is based on the words?

Improve SEO with Visual content

Because visuals have a much more powerful pull than most people realize.  Visuals are what stimulate and excite most visitors to your website, and Google knows that.  As the internet is trending more toward video and images, you need to stay ahead of the game to rank well.  Here’s how you can build a solid foundation of visual content, which will boost your SEO for years to come.


Pictures are a Must

Social media marketing services in BillingsWe have long touted the benefits of using images when you write.  It helps to clarify, it helps to break up large blocks of text, and it helps you in the search engines.  For example, with our Wednesday Roundup posts, the visuals in each subsection are represented in the main picture at the beginning of the article.  It draws everything together and, most of the time, the visuals relate to what’s being talked about.

But a visual on its own isn’t doing a lot of good except to provide a better user experience.  You have to optimize those pictures so that Google is able to understand what they are all about.  But have you taken your visuals into off-page SEO as well?  Sara from Venngage emailed me recently.  She pointed me to Elissa Hudson’s post on 7 ways you can use visuals to boost your SEO.  There’s a lot of good information in there.


Don’t Neglect YouTube

How to manage a facebook pageYouTube is a phenomenal way to waste a lot of time.  It’s also a great resource if you want to learn.  Just about anything you need to know is on there from how to change a tire, to how to optimize a website, to watching Jesus dog walk on water.  The problem, however, is that many people don’t do anything with YouTube.

It’s avoided, largely, because if you try to optimize with YouTube, and you do it wrong, it’s just a big waste of time.  That’s why you want to make sure to use the platform appropriately in order to help grow your site as much as possible.  Brian Dean has laid it out nice and clearly for us.  The post is almost 3 years old, but the concepts still apply.  If you follow these 5 tips to drive traffic, you’ll see your ranks improve.


The Psychology of the Visual

visual Content marketing BillingsWe know that pictures help to break up the monotony of text.  They can add to the story, and they can enhance the reader’s grasp of what is going on.  But they can do so much more than that if you use them right.  All visuals play an important role in how we perceive a website.  For instance, if you wanted to check out the website for Coca Cola, but when you landed on the page it was blocks of hyper colored text like something you would see back in the late 90’s, you would immediately leave thinking you were on the wrong page.

Your perception of a website is made up within the first fraction of a second you spend there.  Most people will allow just a few more seconds to determine if the site is worth their time, and worth sticking around.  Erik Newton tells us that using visuals properly can help the reader to make that decision.  Using the right visuals, ones that pop and intrigue, the reader makes it over that hump and commits to the site.  Learn more about visual content marketing and conversion, you won’t regret it.


Enhancing Your Online Presence

Once again you have wasted a perfectly good 22 minutes reading this week’s Wednesday Roundup.  Hopefully you have gleaned some ideas on how to create better visual content, and how that content will help your site to rank better.  Here at Sery Content Development, we are passionate about helping others to succeed, leave a comment if you’ve found any of our Wednesday Roundups to be helpful, and let us know if there is something you would like to see in the future.

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  1. Gigi Rodgers says:

    Love the fact that you mentioned Brian Dean for YouTube SEO optimization! I just stumbled across his channel on YouTube and I look forward to binge watching his whole channel, but especially his YouTube video – since I will moving to that realm in a few weeks.

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