Wednesday Roundup: Write Better Content

How you can Write Better Content for your Site

Write better content

Here at Sery Content Development, we are always improving our methods. We take training courses on how to manage a better social media page, and we read every day on how to write better content.

Today we want to share some of the best articles that we have found online that talk about improving your writing. These are from some of the great blogging minds, and are definitely worth your time to follow what they have to say.


Write Advanced Content

The internet is filled with blogs. Millions of them are posted every single day, and the vast majority of them suck. The reason is that most people rush through their work. They pound out a blog in 10 minutes, do a quick scan for grammar mistakes (maybe), slap up a picture and call it good. Millions of blogs get read by nobody.

Neil Patel, who you need to follow if you don’t already, is not guilty of this. The reason is that he spends time on his content, he digs deeper than most people are willing to dig, and he writes beautifully.

Want to take your content to the next level? He posted a blog about doing just that recently. This isn’t your typical “50 Headlines Attract Readers!” This is what you need to do to get shared.


Learn From the Experts

Writing Great ContentThere are two ways to learn from the experts. You can follow their step-by-step instructions (like the article linked to above from Neil Patel), or you can analyze their posts and find similarities.

Michael Pozdnev has done that. And he teaches you how to do it. He has a long, but great, post about how to steal the SEO Tricks from online marketing experts. Steal might be a bit too harsh of a word; copy, imitate, replicate, or something along those lines may be better (but steal makes for a better headline).

This long article goes into detail on how each of the big names in the online marketing world has crafted a blog that draws people in. Some of it you may know, some is a great refresher, but a lot of it is a unique look at how to create content that brings in readers (and generates shares).


A (Long) Case Study

Robbie Richards is one of the biggest influences when it comes to content. He knows his stuff, is a great writer, and has a history of writing content that gets found, shared, and read.

He recently had Michael from Copytactics write a case study on how one blog post for a client generated thousands upon thousands of views. The excellent research and writing helped move the entire site up the ranks as an authority on the subject matter. That case study is long, but it is a great read. It goes into a lot of depth and detail that you CAN’T ignore.


Let Sery Content Development Help You Write Better Content

We are in the business of providing content. We have helped clients move from the nether regions of Google (pages 16+) to the front page. And we have a variety of techniques that help us get you there.

IBillings SEOf you pay attention to all three of these articles, you will notice some themes in each one. They all follow the best practice methods for optimizing your website (something that you can learn about in 5 minutes), but they also go deeper. Every one of them says writing great content takes time. Research, plan, write, and edit. Write LONG content (there are great sites that have been built on lots of short content, but most highly ranked sites have long content). Long as in 2,000 words or more. Usually 4,000 and up. Make the page visually appealing, easily navigated, and include keywords and variations of keywords.

If you run a business, you don’t have time for that. And that’s ok. Because Sery Content Development does have time for that. We can write content that will engage your reader, drive traffic, and convert.

Fill out our contact form to get in touch and learn more about how we can help you get FOUND online.

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