Why You Need to Hire a Copywriter

A Copywriter Provides More than You Think

Copy.  It’s really just a fancy word for written content.  A copywriter is the one who pieces those words together, and makes everything sound great.

But it’s more than just great words strung together.  Copywriters invoke emotions.  They create situations where your reader feels immersed.  A copywriter connects you with your audience.

Even more than that, studies show that well written copy creates trust, offers insights, and brings people to the point of decision.  When they know you and trust you, they’re much more likely to buy from you.

It’s clear that you make more money when you use a copywriter, but there are more perks.  More reasons that make your life so much easier.

More Time to Do Your Thing

When your car breaks down, do you spend thousands of hours learning to be a mechanic to fix it?  When your family member needs surgery, do you go back to school and earn a medical degree to do it at home?  When want to travel, do you learn to fly so you can pilot the plane?  Of course not!

You know your business and industry, and you’re good at what you do.  A copywriter knows words.  Working with one lets you focus on what you’re good at.

A Better Product or Service Description

You know your product or service in and out.  But when you try to put it on paper, you get caught up in the details, and struggle to hone in on what the reader needs and wants to hear about it.  The writing may be good, but overall it misses the mark.

Through years of experience, a copywriter knows how to bring those descriptions to life, creating the story that the reader needs to hear those descriptions become spot on.

So Long Bad Grammar

Commas, are hard, to deal with, sometimes.  Their misuse is one of the most common grammar mistakes (throw in sentence fragments, misused apostrophes, and subject-verb agreement errors, and you have a recipe for difficult to read content).

Grammar isn’t a strong suit for many.  If you struggle with it, you’re not alone!  In fact, most of our communication doesn’t need it.  But when it matters, it really matters; a copywriter puts grammar woes to bed.

Psychology Woven Into It

In a perfect world you lay out the pros and cons of your service, and people will come flocking to you.  They will know that they need this, they will understand the benefits, and they will be happy to buy from you because what you offer will enhance their life.  That perfect world, however, doesn’t exist.

People buy on emotion and justify with logic.  Knowing the words to pull at just the right emotions, means that a copywriter can urge people to buy when they otherwise would gloss right over.

An Objective Viewpoint

When you’re in the trenches, it’s hard to see what’s going on.  When you have been immersed in your business for years, or even decades, it’s hard to see the outside view of what you have to offer.  The result is that you’re caught up in jargon and explaining features that nobody cares about.

Coming from outside the business, your copywriter learns what you do and understands what aspects other outsiders want to hear.

Helpful SEO Components

A copywriter is not an SEO expert.  But at the same time, every one of them should understand what the search engines are looking for and how to optimize the content that they write.  While a full-blown SEO package is going to do more; well written and optimized content will give you an extra boost.

A good copywriter will work with you on keywords that you want to target, as well as those that you should target.

Consistent Writing Every Time

If you’re buying content from a content mill, you never know who is going to write it.  Every article or post that you buy will have a different voice and style.  This ends up confusing your readers, and lowers the trust that they have in you.

A copywriter that you turn to every time means that you have the same style and voice every time.

Scott Sery: Copywriter

I’m Scott Sery and I’m a copywriter.  From my home office in Billings, Montana I work with businesses and professionals around the country to help ensure that their content is written in such a way that people want to come to them.

Are you ready to get started with better content?  Send me an email and let’s talk about it.

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