How to Write Content with an SEO Focus

Content Writing and SEO can be Combined

Search engine optimization is often viewed with a sort of abstract eye.  Nobody fully knows how it works (not even the Google employees), but we all have our best practices based on what has worked in the past.  It’s not an exact science, but SEO can be done when you focus on creating high quality content, and building a big network of backlinks to your site.

Content with an SEO Focus

The problem occurs when you create content that is focused on SEO instead of the reader.  Content with an SEO focus is often loaded with keywords, doesn’t read very well, and often falls flat in the test of whether it inspires people to stick around, or they just see your site as a bit spammy.

Today, we’ll look at how to integrate content and SEO, so that you can have the best of both worlds.


You Content Should be for the Reader

Content Writer in BillingsEvery word that you put on your website should be for the benefit of the readers.  When it’s a choice between content for SEO purposes or content for reader benefit, it always needs to go toward the reader instead of the search engines.  As Google’s algorithms become more and more sophisticated, higher quality content will be lifted up; that written to game the system will be penalized.

There are ways, however, that you can create content with an SEO focus that will still be for the benefit of the reader.  It begins with understanding content writing (or hiring a writer to help with your site).


Integrating Content and SEO

What Google, and other search engines, wants to see is that you are an authority in your industry.  To measure that there are complex algorithms that weigh a variety of factors.  But in the end, it comes down to this: is your site providing the answers that the user is seeking?

SEO in Billings

The problem we run into, however, is that the users often don’t know what they’re looking for!  They type in strings of words that really wouldn’t ever fit in ordinary text.  For example, if you’re looking for a writer, you might search, “writer Billings, MT” That’s great for a search, but unless you’re using it as an example, how do you integrate those keywords into your text so that you’re still writing for the benefit of the reader?

Get found with Sery Content Development's Content Writing ServicesTo do so, you have to understand a little bit about how Google reads the text on your site.  Last week we talked about latent semantic indexing, and briefly outlined how you can use different keywords to capture those silly searches that aren’t ever really used.

The short of it: in order to write content with an SEO focus, you have to write for the reader and use variations of your keywords that most closely fit what you want to get found online for.


Sery Content Development Writes Content

With over 17 years of research writing experience, Scott can provide just that for you.  As a content writer in Billings, he has been able to create text on business websites that took them to the top of the search engine results.  That content is useful in marketing, SEO, and providing a source of knowledge that shows you’re an expert in your industry.

Ready to get started?  Call 406-860-4407 to learn more about how you can rank number 1 on Google.

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