Zach Herbert Finally Relaxes with Consistent Blog Updates

How Herbert & Eberstein See Better Search Engine Ranks and Lower Anxiety

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The Brief: Zach Herbert is a marine, a family man, an outdoors enthusiast, and a trial lawyer.  As a dabbler in “techy” stuff, he understands how websites function and the importance of the written content.  But taking care of clients comes first, and the blog was neglected.

You know that feeling that something needs to be done, but you just don’t have the time to get it done?

It’s nagging, it’s in the back of your mind, and even if you don’t fully recognize what it is, it’s giving you anxiety and taking away from your quality of life.  It can even end up affecting other parts of your work because you haven’t fully taken care of it.

For Zach Herbert, it was updating the content on the website for his law firm Herbert & Eberstein.  There was just so much to do that he’d write a blog, and then get caught up in everything else the firm had going on.  Over the course of the next six months he’d get frustrated enough that he’d finally carve out an evening to write another one.

Scott Sery contacted Zach through LinkedIn regarding his site.  A quick review of Scott’s work, and Zach saw that it was professionally written and would be just what he needed to ensure that the blog was updated every week so the search engines had fresh content to crawl.

Scott doesn’t just write the content though.  It’s fully optimized for keywords that relate to Zach’s industry, scheduled to publish at the same time each week, and a relevant stock photo is found to enhance the content.

The results for Zach’s business have been two-fold.

First, the anxiety of not maintaining the blog was completely eliminating.  Zach says, “I was looking for someone that could be the ‘fire and forget’ type of person to write content for my site.  Y’all are so reliable.  I never have to worry about content being pushed out to my site on a regular basis.”

This freed him up to do what he loves.  As a trial lawyer, he thrives when he’s up in front of people and arguing a case for his clients.  No more nagging thoughts about updating the blog mean more attention to the clients that really need his attention.

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But because of all that fresh content, he has seen his Google rankings improve.

With fresh content he’s able to connect with readers.  With better rankings he draws in more inquiries.  Over the rest of his career as an attorney, as long as that site is still active, it will continue to help with his online presence leading to a priceless valuation of the work.

When asked if this makes it easier to write his own content, Zach laughs and says, “It’s a lot easier… because now I’ll just turn to you!”

As things have picked up for the firm, Herbert & Eberstein have been able to expand to a bigger office, invest in more advertising, and bring on more team members.  Something that wouldn’t have been possible without Scott’s consistent blog updates.

Let’s Talk About Your Content!

Scott Sery is a blogger and copywriter.  Every client loves the fact that he not only writes the content, but optimizes it as well.  The result is that each one has less on their plate and more traffic to their site.

Are you ready to bump your business to the next level?  Regular blog updates can get you there.

Book a time to talk about it, and let’s see the same explosive growth in your business.

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